takehisa mashimo

art, development, education


Takehisa Mashimo
born in 1979

Takehisa Mashimo graduated from IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) with an M.A. in researching and creating works in the field of interactive arts. One of his projects, “Moony “(2004), that used steam vapour as an interactive screen received the Prix Ars Electronica award in 2004 in “the next idea” category. It and his other works have been hosted at international exhibitions such as Media City Seoul in 2005, Gwangju Biennale in 2006, Shenzhen Ink Painting Biennale in 2008, Sundance Film Festival in 2011, as well as others.

2003 - 2005 : IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences), M.A.
1999 - 2003 : Seian University of Art and Design, B.F.A.

2023.06 In a Laboratory, standingpine, Nagoya
2023.04 sphere, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal arts, Kyotanabe
2023.02 sphere, Horikawa-Oike Gallery, Kyoto
2022.03 wating-cabin, Horikawa-Oike Gallery, 2022, Kyoto
2021.12 hommage –TYPE RESET exhibition vol.02, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal arts, Kyotanabe
2021.09 7.9 Billion Others –For Every "I" Living On This Planet, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Omihachiman
2021.09 Imaginary Section, standingpine, Nagoya
2021.02 PS06, Gallery Take Two, Kyoto
2021.01 POETRY FOUND BY SCIENTISTS – Eyes for the world, Japan Media Art Festival in Kyoto, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2020.02 memento terra, Shimadai Gallery, Kyoto
2020.01 WHAT'S THE COLOR OF MIRROR ?, Taipei Dandai, Taipei
2019.12 phono/graph x NISSHA "silence" project, ICOM (International Council of Museums) Kyoto, Kyoto
2019.12 WHAT'S THE COLOR OF MIRROR ?, 182artspace, Tainan
2019.01 SKIMMING THE RESONANCE, standingpine, Nagoya
2018.09 Death of Functions, standingpine, Nagoya
2018.06 .communication ideas, Seian ART-SITE, Shiga
2018.03 Death of Functions, ART BASEL HONG KONG, Hong Kong
2018.01 between -connection in sensory space-, KYOTO ART ZONE, Kyoto
2017.12 The Edge of Infinity, Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya
2017.11 .communication, kyoto ddd gallery, Kyoto
2017.10 Project Hope ? vol.2, Post Territory Ugeongguk, Seoul
2016.10 growing room, standingpine, Nagoya
2016.08 vanishing letters, standingpine, Nagoya
2016.07 The red car is passing through the gallery, standingpine, Nagoya
2015.12 VOLTA11, Markthalle, Basel
2015.12 Ogaki Biennale 2015, softpia Japan, Ogaki
2015.09 BOOK Chapter2, ma2 gallery, Tokyo
2015.06 play signatures, msc gallery, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto
2015.03 para-motion, Seian ART-SITE / Gallery Window, Shiga
2015.03 phonograph -sound letters graphics-, Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe
2014.12 ITU Telecom World 2014, Qatar National Convention Center, Doha
2014.10 rendezvous - interaction of light and brain -, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2014.08 letters in transition, standing pine, Nagoya
2013.05 E-motion, Seian ART-SITE, Shiga
2012.08 SHIZENGAKU -for the Coming Aesthetics-, the museum of modern art. Shiga, Shiga
2012.03 Zuko-no-Mirai, Art Center of Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo
2011.06 Power of the image, Kyoto Cinema, Kyoto
2011.01 Sundance Film Festival 11, Miners Hospital, Utah
2010.06 Pesie der Bewewgung (Poetry of Motion), Volkswagen Automobil Forum, Berlin
2010.04 sense perception, Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
2009.12 Microwave International New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong
2009.09 virtual / actual [pneuma], TOKIO OUT of PLACE, Tokyo
2008.11 The 6th Shenzen International Ink Painting Biennale, Shenzen Fine Arts Institute, Shenzen
2008.06 virtual/actual, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2008.01 Exotic inbound / outbound, Aichi Children's Center, Aichi
2007.11 DAT (Digital Art and Technology), Singapore Science Center, Singapore
2007.07 Hypnogenesis, AD&A Galerry, Osaka
2006.09 Gwangju Biennale 2006, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
2005.07 Climax, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2005.06 Touch Me, V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), London
2005.02 Grobal Media 2005, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
2004.12 The 3rd Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2004.10 Jouable 2004, e'cole nationale supe'rieure des arts de'coratifs (ensad), Paris
2004.09 Ars Electronica Festival 2004, Ars Electronica Center, Linz
2004.07 Digital Art Festival Tokyo 2004, Panasonic Center, Tokyo
2004.02 Ogaki Biennale 2004, Shinko Shoken, Gifu
2003.10 Jouable 2003, Doshisha University, Kyoto
2002.12 Sensitive Image, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto
2002.10 Jouable 2002, Geneve
2002.05 scale, Dozidai Galerry, Kyoto
2001.10 MEDIA DESSIN, Galerry Shiki, Kyoto

2015 Apple+ (iOS Application)
2014 Takoyaki Sequencer (OSX Application)
2014 photocomposer (iOS Application)
2013 water state 1 water drop system (OSX Application)
2013 forest symhophy visualizer (OSX Application, Web Application)
2013 MaskPicto (iOS Application)
2013 HaikuPicto (iOS Application)
2012 Nouvelle Vague (OSX Application)
2012 morse (iOS Application)
2011 noir / blanc (iOS Application)
2010 Onomatopoeia (iOS Application)
2008 Riz (Flash Air Application)
2007 Shift Cinema (software, revision1.7, made by DirectorMX2004)
2006 Pantilter Interface (software, revision1.0, made by DirectorMX2004)
2006 USB-KEY8 (USBDevice, revision1.0, made by c and assembler)
2006 sensibilia (software, revision1.8, made by DirectorMX2004)
2005 px_getstringbyte (xtra plug-in, latest version 1.0b, nondisclodure, made by c/c++)
2004 muicompornentdesigner (software, latest version 2.0j, nondisclodure, made by directormx)
2004 renamefile (software, latest version 2.0j, nondisclodure, made by directormx)
2003 XtraRecipe (software, latest version 1.0j, disclodure, made by visual basic)
2003 px_udpxtra (xtra plug-in, latest version 1.0b, nondisclodure, made by c/c++)
2003 px_serialxtra (xtra plug-in, latest version 2.1b, nondisclodure, made by c/c++)
2003 px_dataconvertxtra (xtra plug-in, latest version 1.0b, nondisclodure, made by c/c++)
2003 timeralarm (software, latest version 1.0j, nondisclodure, made by directormx)
2003 soundeffect6000search (software, latest version 2.0j, nondisclodure, made by directormx)
2001 generalopenprojector (software, latest version 4.1j, nondisclodure, made by director8.0/mx)

Lectures / Workshops / Residences
2017- Seian University of Art and Design, Associate Professor
2016 NxPC.Live vol.20, club JB’S, Nagoya
2014 FENNESZ『Bécs』JAPAN TOUR 2014, metro, Kyoto (live performance, as intext)
2014 night cruising in TOKYO "8th anniversary show case", ochiai soup, Tokyo (live performance, as intext)
2014 party phono/graph, ggg, Tokyo (live performance, as intext)
2014 Barcode Interaction Workshop, Nagoya University of Ars, Nagoya (workshop)
2012 Life Polyphony, CS-Lab, Tokyo
2010 Astro Body Workshop, Miji University, Tokyo (workshop)
2009 Astro Body Session, AQUA METROPOLIS OSAKA 2009, Osaka (workshop)
2008– Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Lecturer
2006– Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Lecturer
2006–2016 Seian University of Art and Design, Lecturer
2004 Ars Electronica Future Lab, Artist in Residence
2003 Asahi de Art Workshop, Participation as Artist
2003 Sensortable Workshop, Lecture of Workshop